• Helium Price Trend Analysis

    It is known to all that China’s helium has always relied on imports. According to customs data, China imported 1313.9 tons of helium from the United States in 2017, of which Air Chemical imports accounted for 55% of the imports from US , accounting for 20.1% of China’s total helium im...
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  • Congratulation!!  0.7 Million helium tanks were fiished before October

    Congratulation!! 0.7 Million helium tanks were fiished before October

    Until the end of September, we have exported over 0.7 Million helium tanks to USA, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Russia, Bulgaria, Seville, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, S...
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  • 2400 PCS Steel Cylinders exported to Ethiopia.

    Mr Tesfar Sumul from Ethiopia came to visit our factory and checked our production line, he felt very satisfied on our cylinder, now we have finished all 2400 pcs cylinders to them, all the cylinders will be used to supply CO2 to draft beer industry to Heineken beer。
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  • Headline: in July, the iron and steel circulation industry PMI obviously rebounded steel demand volume

    Langer steel cloud business platform statistics released the total index of steel circulation PMI for July 2018 49.4, up 1.2 percentage points from the previous month. The 10 sub-indices that make up the PMI this month were up 7, down 2, down 1 and even. The survey results showed that the sales v...
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