Acetylene gas

Physical properties: pure acetylene is a colorless, aromatic, flammable gas. Melting point(118.656kPa)-80.8℃,The boiling point-84℃. Relative density0.6208(-82/4℃). Explosion limit in air2.3%-72.3%(vol). Acetylene is stored in cylinders filled with a porous material such as asbestos, which absorbs acetone and presses it into the cylinder for storage and transportation. 

Chemical properties: acetylene combustion flame temperature 3150 ℃. The calorific value of 12800 (kilocalorie/m³) of the oxygen combustion rate of 7.5. Pure acetylene combustion in air of about 2100 degree, in oxygen combustion, can reach 3600 degrees. 

Use: acetylene can be used for lighting, welding and cutting metal (oxyacetylene flame) and is also the basic raw material for manufacturing Acetaldehyde, acetic acid, benzene, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber and so on. 

Manufacturer: It is made by the action of calcium carbide(CAC) and water. CaC₂+2H-OH→Ca(OH)₂+CH≡CH↑

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Post time: Jan-11-2019
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