Global industrial gas analysis for the glass industry

 According to the latest market research report released by Technavio, the global industrial gas industry will reach 3.784 billion dollars in 2021, and the annual compound growth rate is expected to exceed 6%.  

The research report entitled “Global Industrial Gas Market for 2017-2021 for the Glass Industry” provides in-depth insights on both market sales amount and emerging markets.The analysis of market department and geographic regions division in this report is up to date.Industrial gases are widely used in various fields such as mining, manufacturing, and other fields.As the number of vehicles is growing continually,the publish of strict regulations,  the change in consumer spending habits and the increase of demand for lightweight glass, glass applications in the automotive industry are also increasing, which  increases the efficiency of fuel use.Therefore, the drastic changes in industrial development, population growth, and technological advancement must all be taken seriously in the future.

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Post time: Nov-21-2018
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