Helium Price Trend Analysis

It is known to all that China’s helium has always relied on imports. According to customs data, China imported 1313.9 tons of helium from the United States in 2017, of which Air Chemical imports accounted for 55% of the imports from US , accounting for 20.1% of China’s total helium imports. Although Air Chemical has its own helium plant in the United States, the gas auction this time will affect its resource allocation, which may affect one-fifth of China’s helium imports. Due to the high share of Air Chemical in China’s helium market, this may affect the pricing of the Chinese market due to the increase in costs in 2019. 

BLM has announced that its 2019 fiscal year issue price is $175 / thousand cubic feet and it has increased 56$ compared to the previous $ 119 / thousand cubic feet, which may greatly increase the cost of the entire global helium supply chain. Compared with the impact of the BLM auction price, the substantial reduction in the auction volume will also affect the supply of helium in 2019, but this impact is limited regarding the current market. At the same time, we should note that the rough helium auction price is already significantly higher than China’s high-purity helium import price, and subsequently US Air Chemical may adjust its helium price. According to feedback from the professionals, they think the market outlook is bullish.

Although the export price of our company’s helium gas has been affected by international trends, our supply is stable and is favored by old customers

Post time: Nov-09-2018
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