Manufacture method of Nitrous Oxide

The main methods for producing N2O are ammonium nitrate thermal decomposition and tail gas purification.

Heating ammonium nitrate can produce nitrous oxide and water:


Industrially, the thermal decomposition of ammonium nitrate can produce nitrous oxide with a purity of 95%, and a N2O molecule is combined with six water molecules. When a lot of N2O is dissolved in the water, and then cool the water, there will be a N2O crystal. When the crystal is heated, the N2O will escape, and people use this nature of N2O to make high purity Nitrous oxide.

At present, the domestic production of N2O is basically a production process using ammonium nitrate dry decomposition, which is also an international generalization process, but the equipment cost is high.

When the N2O content in the tail gas is high, the moisture and heavy component impurities in the tail gas are first removed by the drying and adsorption unit, and the acid gas (CO2, NO2) in the tail gas is removed by the chemical purification process, and the adsorption unit utilizes molecular sieve physical adsorption. Remove impurities such as C2H2, NO, CO, H2O, and finally use the rectification unit to remove other components with relatively high volatility and obtain the product at the bottom of the column.

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